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Truck Accident

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Every year in the United States, there are about five hundred thousand trucking accidents on roads and highways. Since trucking is such a major industry in southern California, the state’s many roads and highways are filled with constant trucking activity. An unfortunate result of the high trucking volume is serious accidents on the road. Truck accidents are a daily occurrence, and are often the result of another driver’s actions.

California Law for Truck Accidents

If another person is responsible for your action, California law states that they should be responsible with the associated costs for repair as well as costs of any physical injuries you may have sustained in the crash. Additionally, you are entitled to receive damages for the mental anguish experienced from the accident. Trucking accidents in California often require a legal battle in order to receive compensation for your medical expenses, including pain and suffering. Since court cases involving trucking accidents are an extremely complicated matter, you need an experienced Los Angeles truck accident attorney on your side who’s recovered millions for injured victims.

You Need an Expert Truck Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles
Fighting for You

At California Attorney Group, we have a long established track record of successfully representing clients in truck accident law suits. Trucking accidents can be a complicated matter to unravel, often involving more than two parties since a truck is so large and can cause extensive damage to multiple vehicles. Our talented truck accident lawyers will help you pursue legal retribution for your costs and pains. Our injury lawyers will give you the expertise necessary to emerge victoriously from your court case, with no up front costs to you!

Insurance Companies Know Our Reputation

If a trucking-related incident is responsible for your injuries, we can go to the negotiating table with the insurance companies and get you a settlement sufficient to your needs. If necessary, we can even take it all the way to the courtroom to make sure you are taken care of when the bills start piling up. We will tell you if you have a case and what your chances are of winning, and then we'll go to bat for you so you don't have to suffer losses you can't afford. We have a history of fighting the insurance companies and recovering millions for our injured clients, so we will do whatever it takes.

We Will Get You The Money You Deserve!

And Best Of All it Doesn't Cost You Anything To Hire Us

We receive no money until there is a settlement. We even advance all costs, including the cost for experienced expert witnesses. We spare no expense, because when we take on your truck accident case, we have every reason to believe that we will win for you and get you the highest settlement amount. Don't wait.

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