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Train Accident

winning personal injury teamAlthough trains are a relatively safe mode of transportation, every so often train accidents occur, creating a need for a qualified train accident attorney in Los Angeles. Our train injury lawyers are experienced in train accident cases and can help bring your claim to justice.

Don't make the mistake of believing that any Los Angeles personal injury attorney can handle your train accident case - only California Attorney Group can boast a 98% success rate for our clients. Additionally, it is imperative to hire a law firm who has experienced knowledgeable train accident lawyers who know the ins and outs of a train accident case.

Who’s At Fault

If an accident happens that injures you while you are on a train, odds are it's the result of human error of some kind, possibly from many sources. Determining who is at fault and whether that person can be held financially liable for your medical bills and/or pain and suffering is our specialty. Here are the most common occurrences:

Conductor Error

Trains have speed limits just like cars and if a conductor doesn't abide by them, accidents can happen. Conductor negligence is one of the leading causes of train accidents and can lead to serious injury or death to multiple passengers on the train. There are many safety regulations that a train conductor is required to know and obey in order to operate such a large and powerful piece of machinery, and if he fails to do so, you may be entitled to collect compensation. If you've been involved in a train accident and you want to find out what legal recourse you have to recover damage and compensation, contact California Attorney Group as soon as possible. We will determine the best approach during your Free Consultation.

Motorist/Outside Factor in Train Personal Injuries

Because of the many aspects of rail travel that could conceivably cause an accident, there may be a broad array of parties that can be held accountable for an accident. Motorists trying to beat the train across the tracks, for example can be held liable for the collisions they cause. Derailments or heavy jolts, and near-derailments, can be caused by large items carelessly left on the tracks, or even by stalled vehicles that are unable to move.

Rail Service Negligence Personal Injury

Train companies bear the responsibility to make sure your ride is smooth and safe. Scheduling and routes are tightly controlled to prevent jams and collisions with other trains. Maintenance of the trains, the tracks, and all associated equipment also falls into their realm, and if one of these factors is neglected, it could cause a serious accident. Inadequate security on the train itself can lead to robberies and other, more physical assaults. If you are the victim of an accident or crime that can be traced back to negligence on behalf of the rail service you were using at the time, you may be able to collect compensation to help you through your difficulties.

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