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Torrance Personal Injury Attorney

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Torrance is known as the City with a Hometown Feel, yet is the 6th largest city in Los Angeles County. A pleasant residential city, is has many flourishing businesses and safe communities, which earns its motto, "A Balanced City." Because Torrance is such a desirable city to raise a family and earn a living, it has enjoyed a steady population growth over the years. Along with the population growth is an increase in vehicular traffic, with the resulting unfortunate personal injuries. In addition, Torrance has seen an increase in overall personal injuries caused by the negligence of another. If you, a loved one, or a friend has been injured due to the neglect of another, you need to contact The California Attorney Group as soon as possible. It's your best choice because our legal team has a 94% success rate, having recovered millions of dollars. You need to contact us for a Free Consultation. Contact us now. We will help you.

You Don't Want a Personal Injury Attorney That Takes the "Easy Way"

Most people would be dismayed to learn that many Torrance personal injury attorneys rarely if ever take their clients' cases to trial. These attorneys have a reputation as "easy settlement attorneys", They would prefer to spend as little as possible on clients cases. They choose to take "the easy way" and pick up the phone and make relatively small settlement deals with the insurance companies. Of course this means their clients receive hardly anything for injuries. Insurance companies love those lawyers who are willing to easy settlement deals. However, when insurance companies are contacted by our law offices they are aware of our reputation. They know The California Attorney Group aggressively fights for our clients. They know we are ready to take the case to a judge and jury if that is what is necessary to get our clients the most money That's why insurance companies willingly give our clients much bigger settlements offers-- often thousands more than they will offer other "easy settlement" lawyers -- because they don't want to risk facing our experienced legal team in the courtroom in front of a judge and jury. You came to the right place. Please give us a call. We will help you.

You need an Attorney With Years of Experience for Your Torrance Case

One of the reasons for our firm's huge success our "customized and personalized" approach for every injury case. Unlike other injury lawyers, who use an assembly line method, we put together a Legal Team which evaluates every issue involved in you case. We determine every opportunity to win the maximum compensation possible. For example, we will bring in respected Expert Witness who will investigate every aspect of your accident. They present the result of their investigations to the insurance companies, and to to the judge and jury if your case goes to trial. It is expensive to use the best expert witnesses available -- but we feel it is worth it. On the other hand, other attorneys don't want to go to the expense of costly expert witnesses. However we will spare no expense to get you the largest compensation possible. That is why you need to contact us now for a Free Consultation. We want to help you -- so give us a call.

Our Reputation throughout Torrance as Aggressive Personal Injury Attorneys

We welcome you to visit our offices for your free consultation, Or we will visit you -- whichever is most convenient for you. During the evaluation we will decide how much money we can get for you. You need to know that your "friendly" insurance representative will attempt to settle for hardly any money. But our legal team won't let them do that. We will demand that they pay you what you are entitled to. There are so many "hidden expenses" that the insurance companies don't want you to know about -- loss of wages, rehabilitation expenses, future medical bills, and so on. Give us a call. Our dedicated and compassionate legal team is ready to fight the insurance companies every step of the way for you.

We Will Get You The Money You Deserve!

Choose an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

If you, a family member or friend has suffered a personal injury because of the neglect of another, contact us immediately to discuss your case. We will guide you throughout the legal process and get you the money you deserve -- using all the skills from our years of personal injury law practice. Give us a call today for a Free Consultation. We are on your side. We will help you.