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Product Liability

Product Liability Attorney California

Our personal injury law firm specializes in product liability cases.  We understand the laws and statutes governing product liability, and we can offer an experienced and knowledgeable approach to your case.  We work with individuals on a regular basis who have been harmed in one way or another by various products, and we fight hard for our clients to get them the best possible result.  You need to contact our offices now for a Free Consultation.

Defective Products Can Cause Serious Injuries

There are numerous forms of defective products, and each can result in an injury, illness, an accident or wrongful death because of a poorly made product, poor labeling or other forms of defect. 

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The liability for poorly made or poorly labeled products could be with any number of individuals or entities:  the manufacturer, the advertising agency, the packing company, outside suppliers, chemists, engineers and many others.  Our skilled personal injury legal team works with experts who can analyze a product and the industry that product is involved in to determine exactly how and why the product is defective.  Our team works for you, making sure no legal stone is left unturned and that your ultimate judgment or settlement is the best possible.  You need to contact us now so we can evaluate your case. There is no obligation.  We look forward to helping you obtain the most money for your injuries.

Types of Products

Product liability isn't limited to small or large products; in fact, a product liability case can involve something as small as a pill or as large as a car, and more.  Here are some products involved in product liability lawsuits:

  • Medicines

  • Clothing

  • Cosmetics

  • Auto supplies

  • Home repair items

  • Other products of every type

How California Attorney Group Handles Your Defective Product Case

Our experienced personal injury legal team is experienced in all manner of product liability cases, having developed a sophisticated understanding of the law, the manufacturing industry, advertising standards and much more.  We employ expert witnesses, private investigators, scientists and others who help build a strong case for our clients.  We focus on your needs and protecting your interests before, during and after the trial.  The area of product liability is broad, and you may not be totally aware of how a deficient product is harming you.  For example, a poorly written or nonexistent operating manual may cause you to improperly use a product, which absolutely falls under the umbrella of product liability.


Contact our experienced product liability specialists for an initial consultation today.  Our personal injury attorneys can examine your product liability case and determine if you have legal standing to move forward with your claim.

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We receive no money until there is a settlement. We even advance all costs, including the cost for experienced expert witnesses. We spare no expense, because when we take on your truck accident case, we have every reason to believe that we will win for you and get you the highest settlement amount. Don't wait.

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