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Personal Injury Lawyer

winning personal injury team

And Best Of All it Doesn't Cost You Anything To Hire Us

We receive no money until there is a settlement.  We even advance all costs, including the cost for experienced expert witnesses. We spare no expense, because when we take on your case we have every reason to believe that we will win for you. Don't wait. You need to take advantage of our no obligation Free Consultation. Contact us now.

Insurance Companies Hate Us -- But Juries Love us!

One of California Attorney Group's major advantages is we know how to present the best case to a jury. By its nature Los Angeles personal injury cases can be confusing to a jury. Especially if the injured is represented by an attorney who has little experience in front of a jury. At California Attorney Group we pride ourselves in making a personal injury claim as easy as possible for a jury to understand -- and award you the most money. We provide Expert Witnesses who know how to explain the nature of the injuries in a manner that the average person can understand. Don't take a chance with your future health and welfare by hiring an attorney who would rather be playing golf than facing a jury. Contact California Attorney Group -- we are on your side!

Don't Hire an "Easy Settlement Attorney"

Insurance companies are well-aware of lazy attorneys who are only interested in making easy money off their clients. Attorneys who do not want to go to the expense of hiring expert witnesses and the cost of preparing quality presentations for a jury trial.  The last thing you want is an attorney who is too "chummy" with the insurance settlement departments. It is a shocking fact that many Los Angeles personal injury attorneys have little experience facing a judge and jury. It is not in your best interest to hire an easy settlement attorney, when you can have California Attorney Group on your side. Especially when there is absolutely no cost to you for our first class representation. We receive no money until we obtain a settlement.  You need to contact us today for a Free Consultation.

Insurance Companies Hate Us -- But our Clients Love Us!

Check out our Testimonials Page where you will see some of our many satisfied clients. They appreciate our personal attention, our professional legal team and supporting staff. They know that we are available to answer all of their questions at any time. And they especially love us when we win their case for them and present them with their settlement check.

There is no obligation for you to meet with us to discuss your legal options. We look forward to evaluating your case to determine how much money you can receive for your personal injuries.Don't wait. Call us today. We will help you!