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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

There is an alarming increase of nursing home abuse in this nation, and a qualified personal injury attorney may be the only individual willing to stand up and protect the elderly. Those who have raised children, had long careers and lived full lives are being abused in nursing homes across the nation, often with no one to turn to for help. You need an experienced team of personal attorney lawyers at your side.

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Types of Abuse

When we think of abuse, we may only be thinking of physical attacks or assault; however, abuse covers a wide variety of negative treatment. The following are the types of abuse that may occur at a nursing home:

  • Physical Abuse - Obviously this is the most obvious form of abuse, however some nursing home abuse is done in a way that isn't visible. Striking certain areas of the body, or hiding bruises may occur so that even visiting family members may not know if physical abuse was done.

  • Neglect - This is a much more difficult form of abuse to detect, because it is subtle Neglect may include:

  • Physical neglect: disregard for the necessities of daily living

  • Medical neglect: lack of care for existing medical problems

  • Failure to prevent dehydration, malnutrition, and bed sores

  • Failure to assist in personal hygiene, or in the provision of food, clothing, or shelter

  • Unsanitary and unclean conditions

  • Infections

  • Failure to protect from health and safety hazards

  • Poor access to medical services

  • Verbal/Emotional Abuse - If an elderly person is in a nursing home, they may be harshly treated verbally, called names, taken advantage of, etc. Our personal injury attorneys rigorously defense those who have suffered verbal abuse or emotional abuse at a nursing home.

Legal Consequences of Nursing Home Abuse

If you or a loved one has suffered abuse at a nursing home, the legal situation can be tricky. Not only are there burden of proof issues and investigations, but an elderly person may need immediate medical treatment for any injuries. Our personal injury legal team has decades of experience representing the elderly in nursing home abuse trials, winning record setting judgments and providing a way for those who have suffered to receive the support and assistance they need to live a comfortable life in their later years. Our team of expert witnesses, medical experts, legal professionals and trial lawyers has an award-winning reputation, and we regularly assist those in need of personal injury legal representation.

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