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Dog Bite

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In Los Angeles, dog bites are a particular nuisance to society. A dog bite can result in serious physical injuries and permanent scarring as well as mental anguish and lasting phobias. With a high population of dangerous breeds such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Staffordshire terriers and other aggressive mixed breads, dog bites are a common occurrence in Los Angeles. Dog bites can also cause infections or diseases that will result in further health complications.

When a dog bite is the result of someone’s negligence or provocation, you should be entitled to recover damages for the pain and suffering experienced.

At California Attorney Group, our experienced Los Angeles dog bite attorneys provide the legal guidance, support, and execution to recover these damages. We regularly represent people in Los Angeles who have suffered dog bites, and we are particularly experienced with handling the complex nuisances of dog bite cases, including: successfully proving fault, assigning a monetary value to emotional distress, and working with the involved law enforcement agencies including Los Angeles Animal Services and Department of Animal Care and Control.

A Few Common Scenarios With Dog Bite Cases

When people think of dog bites, they sometimes don't understand all the legal issues that go into properly handling a dog bite scenario. For example:

  • Different types of dogs (pit bulls, rottweilers, certain types of bull dogs) are known to be particularly violent, which may have a huge impact during a personal injury trial.

  • Dogs carry diseases such as rabies, cellulitis, C canimorsus infections which may seriously damage the health of the dog bite victim.

  • If a child is involved, the long term mental and emotional damage suffered during a dog bite can least for years, even decades.

  • Dog bite wounds that bleed will inevitably result in scars. The question is whether they will be disfiguring, disabling or painful. Some types of skin produce keloid scars (i.e., scar tissue grows out of control, frequently producing raised, disfiguring scars).

Our qualified personal injury team will understand all of the legal ramifications of dog bites and know how to properly handle these issues to get you the most money possible.

Who is Responsible?

Another crucial area where our experienced Los Angeles dog bite lawyer can assist you, is knowing who is liable. Homeowners, developers, government agencies and more can all be the cause of situations which lead to dog bites. Violent encounters with animals may also involve police, animal control and other law enforcement agencies. Our personal injury lawyers are a cohesive team that understands how dog bite laws, dog bite liability, and other legal issues come together during a trial.


If you've suffered a dog bite, chances are you are owed compensation for the terrible ordeal you've been through. You won't just need someone to help you deal with these issues - you'll need a competent legal team of experienced, successful dog bite lawyers who know what you're going through and who are willing to fight for your rights and your future. Injuries, wounds, scars, disease, emotional trauma, mental anguish and more are all consequences of suffering through a dog bite incident.

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