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Guardrail Accident

State and local government agencies place guardrails along roads and highways to keep motorists safe. Sometimes, however, these railings can cause more harm than good. Often the end of a guardrail can be a hazard. For example, a type of end treatment called a turn down was banned by the FHA in 1995, but still exists in some places. A blunt end guardrail can be just as hazardous. Sometimes, the guardrail itself in unnecessary and causes more harm through impact damage than a vehicle would suffer if it were not there. If you've been injured in a guardrail accident, contact California Law Group attorney right away and we will help you.

Blunt End Guardrail Personal Injury Accidents

Every guardrail has to end somewhere, but time has told that not all guardrail end treatments are created equal. Some, in fact, are some dangerous they have been banned by the FHA. One of these banned end treatment types is called the "blunt end" guardrail. Because it doe not collapse of give way on impact, it can cause serious vehicle damage, injury, or death in a collision. Most states have removed their blunt-end guard rails, but in some areas they still exist. If you've suffered injury because of your state's delays in conforming to FHA regulations, contact our legal team at the California Law Group for a Free Consultation.

California and Los Angeles Turn Down Guardrail Accidents

Another type of guardrail end treatment that has been banned by the FHA is the "turn down" guardrail. With this type of end treatment, the railing is bent down toward the ground and twisted back so the end lies flat. Unfortunately, if hit at the wrong angle by a light enough vehicle, these guard rails can actually roll a car over or launch it forward into the air. Whereas a heavier vehicle might collapse the guardrail and stop, drivers of lighter vehicles are actually put in more danger. If the guardrail is in the median, cars can even be propelled into oncoming traffic. The FHA banned construction of new turn down end treatments in 1995, but many states have been slow to remove existing ones. If you have suffered injury as a result, contact us today for a Free Consultation. We will help you.

Unnecessary Guardrail Accidents

Of course, collision with the end of a guardrail is not the only type of danger they may present. In some cases, a guard rail intended to stop a vehicle from going off the road may not be necessary. Sometimes the incline on the other side of the guardrail is not steep enough to be dangerous. Providing there is nothing to collide with, a vehicle could simply slide to a stop. In cases like these, a collision with the guardrail may cause more damage or injury than a gradual off-road stop would have. There is precedent for holding the DOT liable for injuries or deaths caused by guardrails that should never have been installed in the first place.

No matter what type of Guardrail accident you have been involved in our legal team will obtain the largest compensation possible for your injuries. You need to contact our Los Angeles California personal injury offices right away. We look forward to helping you.

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