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Brain Injuries Attorney

A brain injury can be one of life’s most tragic events. Brain injuries can cause permanent and severe damages to the physical and mental capabilities of a person. Brain injuries typically result in high medical bills, often growing into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Life support, long term Encino hospital stays and physical therapy bills add up frighteningly fast. In addition to the medical attention required for a brain injury, a victim can experience intense emotional pain. The mental trauma caused by brain injuries can be debilitating, causing everything from forgetfulness to permanent memory loss to mental retardation. When brain injury is the result of someone else’s actions, the situation can become even more complicated. People who have received a brain injury due to another’s neglect are entitled to recover the costs and damages associated with their injury. Often, legal action is a victim’s only option to obtain this money. Taking legal action, however, requires the help of a qualified brain injury attorney in your local area.

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The brain injury attorney Encino at the California Attorney Group specializes in brain injury lawsuits in the Encino area, in addition to the California region. The California Attorney Group has been successfully handling brain injury lawsuits and has an outstanding success rate. Brain injury victims in Encino have relied on The California Attorney Group’s brain injury attorney to recover the monetary sums they are entitled to. A brain injury lawsuit is very serious, and requires enlisting the services of the best Encino legal counsel available, such as The California Attorney Group. The expertise of their brain injury attorney Encino can help prove fault, determine appropriate damage amounts, and help you get back on the road to recovery after a bad injury.

A brain injury is one of the most serious, life-changing injuries a person can experience. These type of injuries can happen to anyone of any walk of life, from all areas of society. Examples can include bicyclists and pedestrians who have been injured by a vehicle driven by a neglectful driver. Tragic examples include young children who are injured at private and commercial establishments, such as amusement parks or shopping malls. Anyone who has been injured in an auto accident or any other accident faces the possibility of brain injury in addition to their other injuries.If you or a loved one has been in an accident which may include an injury to their brain, you need to give our offices a call now for a Free Consultation.

Brain Injuries can be Traumatic

At California Attorney Group, because of our years of experience in representing brain injury clients, our team of personal injury lawyers understand the devastating effects of traumatic brain and spinal injuries. We have seen first-hand how the lives of brain injury victims and their family members are dramatically changed because of the neglect of another. The other party could be an individual, or a company such as a hospital or corporation, for example. It is essential that you contact a personal injury attorney who has the medical background required to litigate these complicated types of cases.

You Need a Personal Injury Attorney With Skills In Medical Issues

Not only does our legal team know know personal injury law, we understand the often complicated medical issues related to brain injuries. This means we can present your case in an easily understandable way to a jury. We also have authoritative expert witnesses at our disposal who have had years of experience in explaining to juries the causes and consequences of brain injuries and the resulting injuries and disabilities to the injured party. It is important that you contact our offices as soon as possible so we can evaluate your case and begin the legal process without delay.

Insurance Companies Want to Pay You as Little as Possible

The sad fact is when when you have a brain injury the Insurance Company is not your friend. They will have one of their "friendly representatives" contact you, pressuring you to sign a release. That release will offer what might seem like a reasonable settlement, but will in fact will not be nearly enough money to pay for your current and future expenses related to your injury. Insurance companies are well aware of the enormous costs that they could be liable for. It has been our experience that insurance companies will bring in expert witnesses who will attempt to downplay the seriousness of the brain injury. They will belittle your claim during the settlement process or the trial itself. That is why you need a strong and experienced legal team on your side. You need California Attorney Group. Don't wait. Contact us today.

Most Personal Injury Attorneys Do Not Have the Skills Needed to Win Big Money in Brain Injury Cases

Many personal injury attorneys do not have the specialized medical skills required to litigate brain injury cases. They would prefer to offer an easy settlement rather than take your case to a judge and jury. However when you choose California Attorney Group, our legal team, along with our expert witnesses are prepared to do whatever it takes to get you the money you deserve and need. We will forcefully and clearly explain to the jury the devastation the injury has caused to your life, backed up with supporting presentations that the jury will be able to easily understand. With our legal team on your side, you will benefit from our years of success in handling brain injury cases. Please call us so we can start helping you right away.

We Will Get You The Money You Deserve!

Choose an Experienced Brain Injury Lawyer

If you, a family member or friend has suffered a brain injury because of the neglect of another, contact us immediately to discuss your case. We will guide you throughout the legal process and get you the money you deserve -- using all the skills from our years of personal injury law practice. Give us a call today for a Free Consultation. We are on your side. We will help you.