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Burn Injury

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Burn injuries are the second most common cause of accidental death in the U.S. For burn victims lucky enough to survive their injuries, the pain, trauma, rehabilitation and scarring can be excruciating. Most burn injuries in California result from a number of situations including accidental electrocution, fires, automobile accidents, explosions and hot liquids. Many burn injuries occur due to another party’s negligence and unsafe conditions. Our experienced burn injury attorneys in Los Angeles can advise a burn victim on the best course of legal action against the negligent party, and will also recommend the amount of monetary compensation necessary to cover the personal injury.

We are Experienced in Handling Burn Injury Cases

Though there are many personal injury attorneys in Southern California, few have the breadth and depth of burn injury experience as our attorneys at California Attorney Group. Based in Los Angeles, we are staffed with highly experienced burn injury attorneys who have a track record of success.

Not only do burn injuries cause scarring, mobility restrictions, and multiple surgeries, but it also affects the employment and personal relationships of the person who is injured. Our legal team, with its experienced personal injury lawyers provides experienced representation to help burn victims receive compensation they deserve for their injuries. It is our experience that a person who has suffered severe burns may never regain the lifestyle they had before the injury. That is why we work hard to get our clients the maximum amount of financial recovery possible - to cover their medical expenses as well as for their loss of income and other quality of life issues. If you or a loved one has a burn injury caused by the neglect of another you need to contact our offices as soon as possible for free.

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