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When People Suffer Injuries From Falling on Unsafe Property

Slip and fall accidents can occur at anytime and in any location. Often they take place in the most common places such as your local grocery store, home improvement store or coffee shop. These type of falling accidents also occur in outdoor setting too such as parking lots, museum or school grounds and other exterior locations. Regardless of where someone experiences a fall, the injuries that result can often be severe and sometimes even catastrophic.


Why are Slip and Fall Accidents Dangerous?


The reason why slip and fall accidents are so dangerous is because victims experience them when they least expect it. At times, people may have falling accidents at places that they visit every day.  They are especially dangerous because there is little warning. They are risky also because victims believe that the injuries from falling are not that serious. However if the fall impacts the wrong spot in a particular situation, the resulting injuries could possibly be life changing. If you have suffered an injury from slipping and falling on unsafe property or because someone was negligent in maintaining the safe conditions of a location then you may have grounds to sue for the injuries that you have suffered. Contact an accident attorney at California Attorney Group today for a free consultation. We can ensure that your rights are protected.


Some Common Cases of Slip and Fall Accidents


Slip and fall incidents affect people in public and private places. If a property owner does not maintain his property in a safe manner then it could pose a risk for people to be injured. There are several common scenarios that many lead to slip and fall accidents including:


Street and driveway potholes

• Wet spots on floors that haven’t been mopped up

• Floor that is unbalanced and hasn’t been fixed

• Adverse weather condition such as rain, snow, or ice that hasn’t been shoveled or mopped

• Uneven carpet that hasn’t been evened out

• Objects and other things that are on the ground and get in the way

• Poorly lit walkways or stairs that cause people to have limited visibility of where they step

• Uneven sidewalks that are not fixed


If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident on someone’s property then contact California Attorney Group to receive a free case review. You may be entitled to receive compensation for the injuries that you have sustained.

Driving While Fatigued Not Worth the Risk

We have all experienced being behind the wheel and getting tired or sleepy during a long drive or sitting in traffic on the way to or from work. Some adults get very limited amounts of sleep at night and then must wake up and drive to wherever they need to go. Almost everyone has gotten tired while driving but you may have not known that driver fatigue can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. According to reports by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 55,000 of car accidents happen as a result of driver fatigue. That’s a really high number for something that can easily be prevented. In most of these accidents, they occur because the driver doesn’t realize the potential dangers of driving while feeling drowsy or tired.

Accidents involving fatigued drivers can lead to serious injuries for victims. If you have been in an accident that was caused by someone who fell asleep at the wheel then contact a personal injury attorney today to seek legal counsel.

Fatigued Drivers

Drivers who are fatigued pose a risk to the other people on the road because when they are drowsy, their reaction time slows down and it takes longer to process information. For example, when people are tired, they may have a delayed reaction to seeing their vehicle swerve out of the lane or seeing the car in front of them stop because of traffic. By the time the driver realizes what is happening it is often too late they’ve already hit another car. Fatigue driving may cause drivers to veer off the road and into oncoming traffic. Hitting moving cars straight on can have catastrophic outcomes. The impact of two vehicles colliding head on is huge and extremely dangerous for both drivers.

Driver Fatigue Preventable


Driver fatigue is something that can be prevented if drivers are made aware of the dangers and what could happen if they get in an accident while they are drowsy. Drowsy drivers can be held accountable if they drive while they are overly tired and as a result injure another person in the process. Have you been struck by a fatigued driver and are experiencing personal injury as a result? If so, contact a personal injury attorney to find out more about getting compensation for medical bills and other damages.

Drunk Driving Car Accidents Can Affect the Lives of All Around You

Car accidents from drunk driving can have a dangerous and serious impact on every person who is involved in the incident. Driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs and alcohol is a negligent and careless act. When a driver decides to get behind the wheel of a car when he or she is intoxicated, every other driver on the road is then at risk for personal injury or even death. Although a drunk driver who causes an accident can be punished under the criminal court system, victims of the accident are left with no compensation unless one looks to the civil court system which allows victims to recover financial compensation for the injuries and other damages the drunk driver caused.

Drunk Driving Accidents Can Cause Injury and Death

Drunk driving is a very common cause of vehicle collisions that occur on the roads. Depending on several factors including speed that the cars were traveling at, road conditions, weather, and other obstacles the seriousness of the accident and the personal injury that victims suffer can vary. Most drunk driving accidents are those in which two cars collide. However, alcohol-related incidents can also involve motorcyclists, tractor-trailer drivers, boaters, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Any number of injuries can occur from spinal cord trauma, broken bones, brain damage, internal injuries and any other type of trauma. The most serious drunk driving accidents can result in death of either driver, other drivers on the road or passengers. Whether accidents are minor or quite serious, crashes that happen due to driver intoxication can be preventable and should be treated with complete seriousness. Many public campaigns targeted at raising awareness of the alcohol related collisions have helped to decrease the number of these accidents. However, drunk driving car accidents still occur more than they should.

Who is Responsible?

For car crashes that happen as a result of a driver being intoxicated, negligence is clearly a factor on the part of the driver who has been drinking. Not only can an intoxicated motorist be held responsible when collisions or injuries occur, social hosts and establishments that serve alcohol may also suffer serious consequences.

If You Have Been In An Accident With A Drunk Driver

The misfortune of being involved in a drunk driving accident is difficult for anyone to deal with. If you are a victim of a driver who was DWI or DUI of if someone in your family suffered a fatality from a drunk driving accident, then seek help and justice by contacting a personal injury attorney who can assert the rights of those harmed in the accident and get the compensation that is rightfully deserved. 

Multi-Vehicle Crash Injures One

Earlier in the year, a personal was severely injured after surviving the onslaught of cars that constituted a multi-vehicular crash, which backed traffic up significantly on the east bound side of the highway on which it occurred.  Both the state police and the highway patrol are investigated the cause and circumstances surrounding the collision.  As of now, the details have not been released yet regarding the number of total cars involved in the pileup, nor any publicly released information regarding the extent of injuries sustained by the man.  The crash is known to have happened at night, sometime between 7 and 8 p.m.  Two lanes of the highway have been shut down as emergency personnel attempt to respond to the vast damage and injuries.

The Common Causes

The above related collision is still under investigation, but here are some possible causes of the crash, taken from a ranking of the most common causes of vehicular accidents on American roads today:

·         The driver is too drowsy
·         Tailgating or driving too close to the back of another car
·         Speeding
·         Driving the wrong way
·         The driver is a teen (they tend to drive more dangerously according to statistics)
·         Driving at night and not being able to see well
·         Poor road conditions, design, and/or maintenance
·         Failing to obey traffic commands like “no U-turn” signs
·         Driving under the influence, most typically drunk
·         The driver is driving recklessly, like by running red lights
·         The driver is distracted by a variety of things, especially by talking on the telephone or texting
·         Road rage, causing the driver to behave aggressively, even threateningly

Getting a Personal Injury Attorney On Your Side

Get one of our talented personal injury attorneys on your side to help you file a personal injury lawsuit.  Call our toll free number or email us to speak with a personal injury attorney who cares about you, your injury, and your case, and who is prepared to offer you free legal advice and a review of your case at no cost.  A personal injury attorney will get you the financial reimbursement you need—call us today.

Workplace Injuries You Can Be Compensated For

Workplace Injuries

A workplace injury, also known as occupational injury, is defined as any injury that occurs while at work or during work duties. Unfortunately, many employees suffer from workplace injuries. They can occur anywhere from unsafe construction sites, offices, and even restaurant kitchens.

 It has been reported that in 2007, 5,488 workers died from job injuries in the United States. Of these fatalities, 92% of them were men. It was also estimated by NOISH that 4 million workers in the United States suffered from non-fatal workplace injuries or illnesses in 2007.

What Types of Injuries You Can Be Compensated For

Most employers cover their employees by possessing workers’ compensation insurance. Thus, if a worker is injured while on the job, the insurance company can compensate the worker. Often times, the insurance company will pay for the medical care to treat the employee’s injuries. In addition, the insurance company will pay the employee lost wages for the time they took off from work to heal from their wounds.

Injuries that can be compensated for are injuries that happened at the workplace. However, not all injuries must occur while on the premises. Injuries can be compensated if they occurred as a result of work duties. For instance, if a person was running an errand and was injured in an accident, he or she can be compensated by workers’ compensation. Other examples of workplace injuries include:

·         Developing carpal tunnel syndrome from typing on a computer for extended hours
·         Developing lung cancer from second-hand smoke after working at a restaurant that allows cigarettes
·         Spraining your ankle after working on an unsafe construction site
·         Suffering a shoulder injury after boxes have fallen on your back in a storage room

Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you were recently injured while at work and feel that your employer’s insurance company is not paying you the correct amount, you should seek counsel from a personal injury attorney today. A personal injury attorney will work to earn you monetary compensation for your pain and suffering. Contact us today to discuss your work injury over the phone.