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Back Injury

Los Angeles Back Injury Attorney

One of the most challenging types of personal injuries cases are back injuries, because of the wide range of affected body parts, including muscles, ligaments, the spinal column, as well as related symptoms affecting the entire body. Our personal injury team has had great success in winning cases for people who have suffered serious back injuries, working tirelessly to get our clients the money they deserve for their medical treatment, loss of income as well as other compensation depending on the exact nature of the injury. If you have suffered a back injury due to the neglect of another, you need to contact our offices for a Free Consultation so we can evaluate your injury to obtain the most compensation possible.

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Back Injuries Claims Can be Difficult to Prove

Back injury cases can be difficult to prove for a variety of reasons. A Personal Injury Attorney would have to prove that the back injury was not a previous medical condition, that the accident or incident in question was the fault of the other party and that other party was particularly negligent. The good news is the California Attorney Group's Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney back injury cases. For example, our attorney will demonstrate to the jury that: team has successfully represented many clients involved in

  • Back injuries often result in spinal cord injuries;

  • That the muscles, ligaments, tendons and spine surrounding the spine and back are complex and the injury might not show up for years;

  • That the injuries may be a result of several smaller injuries caused by the accident.

A Back Injury Can Affect Your Total Body

Back injuries can sometimes seem like a small matter, but even small injuries to the back can have major consequences for a person's health over the short and long term. Whether it's an injury to a person's spine or the muscles in their back, a back injury can be devastating. A qualified personal injury attorney will have the knowledge and experience necessary to aggressively represent someone suffering from a back injury in court, arbitration, mediation or other legal proceeding. Because of the nature of a back injury, it is essential that you call our office without delay so our legal team can evaluate your case. The insurance company is not your friend. They want to give you as little money as possible.That is why you need the experienced personal injury lawyers at California Attorney Group to represent you. Don't wait. Contact us today. We will help you.

Back Injuries Results From Many Types of Accidents

Our Los Angeles personal injury team understands that back injuries can range from a small strain of back muscles to massive injuries that lead to quadriplegia. The California Attorney Group represents people suffering from all forms of back injuries, fighting for full compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and rehabilitative expenses. We handle back injury lawsuits against drunk drivers, employers, automobile manufacturers and other entities. We have years of experience with back injury lawsuits, including:

•· Quadriplegic injuries

•· Paraplegic Injuries

•· Lower Back Strain

•· Bulging Disc in a Person's Back

•· Herniated Discs

•· Lumbar Strain

•· Lumbar Sprain

•· Back Fusion Surgery

•· And much more

You Need An Experienced Back Personal Injury Team On Your Side

Our personal injury team uses a highly-respected team of experts in a variety of fields, including investigations, medicine, chiropractics, auto accidents and more. Our back injury expert witnesses are the best professionals in their fields. Their expertise covers how back injuries happen, the impact back injuries can have on a person's career, how back injuries worsen over time and more.

Take Advantage of Our Years of Personal Injury Experience

Having a highly-qualified, highly-respected personal injury attorney on your side is vital when you've suffered a back injury. Dealing with insurance company attorneys, chiropractors, doctors, investigators and more is near impossible without a highly-skilled personal injury attorney. The California Attorney Group has a personal injury team that spends hours pouring over insurance contracts, dedicates hours to working with investigative experts and who are determined to bringing about the best possible settlement or verdict for our clients. Our Los Angeles personal injury law firm handles all forms of back injury claims, including whiplash, and pelvic injury settlement. Our skilled personal injury attorney team represents accident victims, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians and workers. There is no obligation. Don't wait. Contact our offices today.

We Will Get You The Money You Deserve!

Choose an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

If you, a family member or friend has suffered a personal injury because of the neglect of another, contact us immediately to discuss your case. We will guide you throughout the legal process and get you the money you deserve -- using all the skills from our years of personal injury law practice. Give us a call today for a Free Consultation. We are on your side.We will help you.