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When People Suffer Injuries From Falling on Unsafe Property

Slip and fall accidents can occur at anytime and in any location. Often they take place in the most common places such as your local grocery store, home improvement store or coffee shop. These type of falling accidents also occur in outdoor setting too such as parking lots, museum or school grounds and other exterior locations. Regardless of where someone experiences a fall, the injuries that result can often be severe and sometimes even catastrophic.


Why are Slip and Fall Accidents Dangerous?


The reason why slip and fall accidents are so dangerous is because victims experience them when they least expect it. At times, people may have falling accidents at places that they visit every day.  They are especially dangerous because there is little warning. They are risky also because victims believe that the injuries from falling are not that serious. However if the fall impacts the wrong spot in a particular situation, the resulting injuries could possibly be life changing. If you have suffered an injury from slipping and falling on unsafe property or because someone was negligent in maintaining the safe conditions of a location then you may have grounds to sue for the injuries that you have suffered. Contact an accident attorney at California Attorney Group today for a free consultation. We can ensure that your rights are protected.


Some Common Cases of Slip and Fall Accidents


Slip and fall incidents affect people in public and private places. If a property owner does not maintain his property in a safe manner then it could pose a risk for people to be injured. There are several common scenarios that many lead to slip and fall accidents including:


Street and driveway potholes

• Wet spots on floors that haven’t been mopped up

• Floor that is unbalanced and hasn’t been fixed

• Adverse weather condition such as rain, snow, or ice that hasn’t been shoveled or mopped

• Uneven carpet that hasn’t been evened out

• Objects and other things that are on the ground and get in the way

• Poorly lit walkways or stairs that cause people to have limited visibility of where they step

• Uneven sidewalks that are not fixed


If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident on someone’s property then contact California Attorney Group to receive a free case review. You may be entitled to receive compensation for the injuries that you have sustained.