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California Attorney Group

At California Attorney Group, our los angeles personal injury attorneys handle a broad range of injury cases in which one party's negligence results in injury or loss for another individual. Some of the most common cases we handle are auto accidents, burn accidents, dog bite injuries, slip and fall injuries, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and construction injuries. The best personal injury lawyers are not only great at reaching a settlement with insurance companies; they are also go-getters in the court room. Though many personal injury lawyers rely on settling cases out of court, it is sometimes necessary to go to trial in order to get the maximum settlement money for you. For these cases, it is crucial to hire an excellent trial personal injury attorney to receive the best compensation possible for your injury.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies keep talented attorneys on staff that fight personal injury claims in the courtroom. For this reason, hiring a personal injury attorney who is NOT experienced in winning at trials can be a devastating mistake. If the insurance company will not settle for a sufficient amount without going to trial, the injured person and their family will not receive enough compensation to cover the cost of future missed work and rehabilitation...which can be a lot of money! California Attorney Group is comprised of highly experienced personal injury attorneys who love to win for their clients at trial. Our personal injury attorneys boast a 98% success rate, which speaks volumes about their talent and dedication to fighting for their clients. You can see some of our client video testimonials here.

An "Easy Settlement Attorney" vs. an Experienced Trial Attorney

As you decide which attorney to hire for your injury case, you need to understand the different types of personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. The vast majority of injury lawyers are only interested in a quick settlement. They do not want to go through the expense and trouble of a jury trial, so their goal is to negotiate an easy settlement with the insurance companies. This is NOT the best solution for an injured party who is looking for maximum compensation. To get the most money for your injury, you need to be compensated for your current injuries, but you also need to get paid to cover future medical expenses, as well as loss of income due to your injury, rehabilitation expenses, and other monies depending on your specific circumstances.

If You Want the Most Money for your injury, Call California Attorney Group!

At California Attorney Group, we have a reputation with the insurance companies for not accepting low-ball settlement offers. Insurance companies know that our law firm has the resources to take your case to trial if we do not get the money you need. They know that we are ready to present the strongest case going to trial, using expert witnesses, visual presentations -- whatever it takes to win the jury over and get you the most money. That is why, even though we are prepared to go to trial, many times the insurance companies will offer us the settlement we want without needing to go to trial.

Either way you win -- the largest compensation possible!

And Best Of All it Doesn't Cost You Anything To Hire Us

We receive no money until there is a settlement. We even advance all costs, including the cost for experienced expert witnesses. We spare no expense, because when we take on your case we have every reason to believe that we will win for you and get you the highest settlement. Don't wait.

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