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Driving While Fatigued Not Worth the Risk

We have all experienced being behind the wheel and getting tired or sleepy during a long drive or sitting in traffic on the way to or from work. Some adults get very limited amounts of sleep at night and then must wake up and drive to wherever they need to go. Almost everyone has gotten tired while driving but you may have not known that driver fatigue can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. According to reports by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 55,000 of car accidents happen as a result of driver fatigue. That’s a really high number for something that can easily be prevented. In most of these accidents, they occur because the driver doesn’t realize the potential dangers of driving while feeling drowsy or tired.

Accidents involving fatigued drivers can lead to serious injuries for victims. If you have been in an accident that was caused by someone who fell asleep at the wheel then contact a personal injury attorney today to seek legal counsel.

Fatigued Drivers

Drivers who are fatigued pose a risk to the other people on the road because when they are drowsy, their reaction time slows down and it takes longer to process information. For example, when people are tired, they may have a delayed reaction to seeing their vehicle swerve out of the lane or seeing the car in front of them stop because of traffic. By the time the driver realizes what is happening it is often too late they’ve already hit another car. Fatigue driving may cause drivers to veer off the road and into oncoming traffic. Hitting moving cars straight on can have catastrophic outcomes. The impact of two vehicles colliding head on is huge and extremely dangerous for both drivers.

Driver Fatigue Preventable


Driver fatigue is something that can be prevented if drivers are made aware of the dangers and what could happen if they get in an accident while they are drowsy. Drowsy drivers can be held accountable if they drive while they are overly tired and as a result injure another person in the process. Have you been struck by a fatigued driver and are experiencing personal injury as a result? If so, contact a personal injury attorney to find out more about getting compensation for medical bills and other damages.