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Multi-Vehicle Crash Injures One

Earlier in the year, a personal was severely injured after surviving the onslaught of cars that constituted a multi-vehicular crash, which backed traffic up significantly on the east bound side of the highway on which it occurred.  Both the state police and the highway patrol are investigated the cause and circumstances surrounding the collision.  As of now, the details have not been released yet regarding the number of total cars involved in the pileup, nor any publicly released information regarding the extent of injuries sustained by the man.  The crash is known to have happened at night, sometime between 7 and 8 p.m.  Two lanes of the highway have been shut down as emergency personnel attempt to respond to the vast damage and injuries.

The Common Causes

The above related collision is still under investigation, but here are some possible causes of the crash, taken from a ranking of the most common causes of vehicular accidents on American roads today:

·         The driver is too drowsy
·         Tailgating or driving too close to the back of another car
·         Speeding
·         Driving the wrong way
·         The driver is a teen (they tend to drive more dangerously according to statistics)
·         Driving at night and not being able to see well
·         Poor road conditions, design, and/or maintenance
·         Failing to obey traffic commands like “no U-turn” signs
·         Driving under the influence, most typically drunk
·         The driver is driving recklessly, like by running red lights
·         The driver is distracted by a variety of things, especially by talking on the telephone or texting
·         Road rage, causing the driver to behave aggressively, even threateningly

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