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Drunk Driving Car Accidents Can Affect the Lives of All Around You

Car accidents from drunk driving can have a dangerous and serious impact on every person who is involved in the incident. Driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs and alcohol is a negligent and careless act. When a driver decides to get behind the wheel of a car when he or she is intoxicated, every other driver on the road is then at risk for personal injury or even death. Although a drunk driver who causes an accident can be punished under the criminal court system, victims of the accident are left with no compensation unless one looks to the civil court system which allows victims to recover financial compensation for the injuries and other damages the drunk driver caused.

Drunk Driving Accidents Can Cause Injury and Death

Drunk driving is a very common cause of vehicle collisions that occur on the roads. Depending on several factors including speed that the cars were traveling at, road conditions, weather, and other obstacles the seriousness of the accident and the personal injury that victims suffer can vary. Most drunk driving accidents are those in which two cars collide. However, alcohol-related incidents can also involve motorcyclists, tractor-trailer drivers, boaters, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Any number of injuries can occur from spinal cord trauma, broken bones, brain damage, internal injuries and any other type of trauma. The most serious drunk driving accidents can result in death of either driver, other drivers on the road or passengers. Whether accidents are minor or quite serious, crashes that happen due to driver intoxication can be preventable and should be treated with complete seriousness. Many public campaigns targeted at raising awareness of the alcohol related collisions have helped to decrease the number of these accidents. However, drunk driving car accidents still occur more than they should.

Who is Responsible?

For car crashes that happen as a result of a driver being intoxicated, negligence is clearly a factor on the part of the driver who has been drinking. Not only can an intoxicated motorist be held responsible when collisions or injuries occur, social hosts and establishments that serve alcohol may also suffer serious consequences.

If You Have Been In An Accident With A Drunk Driver

The misfortune of being involved in a drunk driving accident is difficult for anyone to deal with. If you are a victim of a driver who was DWI or DUI of if someone in your family suffered a fatality from a drunk driving accident, then seek help and justice by contacting a personal injury attorney who can assert the rights of those harmed in the accident and get the compensation that is rightfully deserved.