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Workplace Injuries You Can Be Compensated For

Workplace Injuries

A workplace injury, also known as occupational injury, is defined as any injury that occurs while at work or during work duties. Unfortunately, many employees suffer from workplace injuries. They can occur anywhere from unsafe construction sites, offices, and even restaurant kitchens.

 It has been reported that in 2007, 5,488 workers died from job injuries in the United States. Of these fatalities, 92% of them were men. It was also estimated by NOISH that 4 million workers in the United States suffered from non-fatal workplace injuries or illnesses in 2007.

What Types of Injuries You Can Be Compensated For

Most employers cover their employees by possessing workers’ compensation insurance. Thus, if a worker is injured while on the job, the insurance company can compensate the worker. Often times, the insurance company will pay for the medical care to treat the employee’s injuries. In addition, the insurance company will pay the employee lost wages for the time they took off from work to heal from their wounds.

Injuries that can be compensated for are injuries that happened at the workplace. However, not all injuries must occur while on the premises. Injuries can be compensated if they occurred as a result of work duties. For instance, if a person was running an errand and was injured in an accident, he or she can be compensated by workers’ compensation. Other examples of workplace injuries include:

·         Developing carpal tunnel syndrome from typing on a computer for extended hours
·         Developing lung cancer from second-hand smoke after working at a restaurant that allows cigarettes
·         Spraining your ankle after working on an unsafe construction site
·         Suffering a shoulder injury after boxes have fallen on your back in a storage room

Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you were recently injured while at work and feel that your employer’s insurance company is not paying you the correct amount, you should seek counsel from a personal injury attorney today. A personal injury attorney will work to earn you monetary compensation for your pain and suffering. Contact us today to discuss your work injury over the phone.