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What Is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is driving while engaged in other activities such as using a cell phone, talking, texting, eating, or reading. Activities like these hinder the driver’s ability to fully focus on driving, and may cause an auto accident. While speeding, drunk driving, and other traffic violations can lead to serious car accidents, distracted driving should be equally considered to be dangerous. Each year, thousands of auto accidents occur because a driver is engaging in distracted driving.

If you or a loved one was recently injured in an auto accident in which the offending party was engaging in distracted driving, contact our law offices today for a confidential legal consultation. Your initial consultation with our experienced distracted driving accident lawyers is free. Our lawyers provide extensive legal advice and superior legal representation for you if you seek to file a legal claim against the offending party. Contact us today to discuss the details of your case with our tenacious and experienced personal injury lawyers.

Common Injuries From Distracted Driving Accidents

When a driver is engaging in distracted driving by talking on his or her cell phone, texting, eating, or messing around with the GPS or radio, the odds of him or her causing an auto accident is higher than normal because their attention is not fully focused on driving. Too often, rear-end collisions, intersection accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents are caused by the inattentive and reckless driving of others on the road when they are engaging in distracted driving.

Common injuries from distracted driving accidents include: brain and head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, and facial injuries. Brain and head injuries can range from mild concussions to traumatic brain injury. Neck injuries can vary from mild forms of whiplash and neck strain to serious neck injuries such as disc injury and broken or fractured clavicle. Back injuries can range from sprains, strains, and disc, lumbar, and spine injury. Facial injuries can include scrapes, bruises, lacerations, fractures, and even disfigurement.

Compensation for Injuries Caused by Distracted Driving Accidents

You may be eligible for compensation for injuries sustained from an accident by distracted driving. Monetary compensation may be awarded in court to assist you with medical bills, property damage, and other expenses that may cause you to face financial issues, especially if your physical injuries have caused you to miss work. The skilled personal injury attorneys at California Attorney Group have numerous years of legal experience to work with in their pursuit of maximum compensation for you, so contact us now for your free legal consultation.

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

The dangers of texting and driving are more serious than most people realize. Texting while driving is a distraction, and not only are you risking your life, you are risking someone else’s life. Auto accidents can be severe when drivers are distracted by texting while driving. If you have been injured in an auto accident wherein the offending driver was texting, contact our auto accident lawyers today to discuss your case. Our legal team has extensive experience that will help get you the fair compensation you deserve. Your consultation with us is free, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Texting While Driving Statistics

·         Here are a few texting and driving statistics that you may want to consider the next time you think about texting while you are driving:
·         Of all cell phone related tasks, including talking, dialing, or reaching for the phone, texting while driving is the most dangerous
·         For every 6 seconds a driver spends on driving, 4.6 seconds of it is spent with their eyes off the road
·         5 seconds is the minimal time it takes to be distracted by a text, which is also enough time to travel the length of a football field
·         You are 23x more likely to be involved in an auto accident if you text while driving
·         In 2011, the auto accidents involving cell phones was a staggering 1.3 million
·         Text messaging is prohibited by law in 39 states

Injuries Caused by Texting and Driving

The number of injuries caused by auto accidents from drivers who text while driving is rapidly growing. Injuries sustained as a result of texting while driving can range from serious to fatal. Injuries may include:

·         Brain Injury
·         Paralysis
·         Whiplash
·         Headaches/Migraines
·         Bank Pain
·         Bone injuries
·         Numbness or Tingling
·         Memory Loss
·         Fractures
·         Burns
·         Scarring
·         Psychological trauma
·         Death

With the increasing use of cell phones in our daily lives, the number of auto accidents caused by cell phone use while driving increase. While sending a “quick” text may seem harmless for some people, those people don’t realize that it takes a split second for life changing and serious injuries or even death to occur as a result of distracted and negligent driving.

If you have been injured in an auto accident involving a driver that was texting, please contact our auto accident attorneys today to receive your free consultation. Our legal team will give high attention and legal experience you deserve. You may be entitled to compensation for damages and losses you have sustained from the other party.

Why Trucks are More Dangerous than Passenger Vehicles

98% of fatalities resultant of a truck-car collision occur to the people in the car, not the truck.  Trucks have long been known to be significantly more dangerous on the roads than passenger vehicles—but why?

Causes of Truck Accidents

To fully understand why truck accidents are more common and more dangerous than those involving passenger vehicles, you must consider the common causes of truck accidents.  Some include, but are not limited to:

Poor, season-related weather conditions—because of the enormous weight of these trucks, conditions like snow and rain make it harder for them to stop, and it takes longer for them to cease movement after hitting their brakes

Loading of the truck that was conducted improperly, which can negatively affect the movement of the big rig, cause it to fall on its side while in motion due to weight imbalance, or cause the load to become loose and fall on the highway or freeway

Driver negligence—the most common cause of truck accidents by a full ten times, the mistakes and negligence of truck drivers can prevent them from reacting in time to stop a truck accident from occurring

Failure of trucking equipment, meaning that the truck malfunctions with things like tire failure or bad brakes.  This usually happens when safety and inspection guidelines are not heeded

Injuries You May Contract from a Truck Accident

•           Permanent paralysis, such as quadriplegia

•           Scarring

•           Broken and fractured bones

•           A wide range of permanent disabilities

•           Lacerations, cuts, and bruises

•           Burn injuries

•           TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

•           Whiplash

•           Injuries to the stomach

•           Internal injuries

•           Spinal cord injuries

•           Injuries to the head and neck

•           Knee and leg damage

Truck Accident Attorneys Can Fight Your Case

Have you been in a truck accident and sustained injuries like the above-mentioned as a result?  If so, a truck accident attorney from our esteemed law group can fight your case in a court of law and get you the financial compensation you deserve.  Call us today.




How an Attorney Can Help with Your Back Injury

Frequent Causes of Back Injury

A back injury is caused by a multitude of factors, situations, and reasons—including, but not limited to:

·         Sleeping issues, like falling from one’s bed or sleeping on a hard surface consistently
·         Carrying a heavy object, load, or person while both lifting and turning at the waist
·         Lifting a heavy object and reaching up at the same time, perhaps dropping the object in the process
·         Lifting an object, load, or person that is too heavy for the person trying to lift it/them
·         Lifting heavy load that are difficult to get traction on because they are strangely shaped
·         Sitting or standing for long periods of time
·         Walking on a slick surface perhaps due to weather or owner negligence, and slipping as a result
·         Physically working in a tight space or awkward positioning

If You’ve Been Injured at Work…

Did you know that the most common place where a back injury occurs is in a work space or working environment?  Especially the healthcare industry (who’s workers suffer 4.5 the amount of back injuries than any other employee of any other field), workers are put on an often constant strain.  A recent study concluded that more than one third of all back injuries yearly reported are preventable via ergonomics, or “working smarter not harder.”  The U.S. Department of Labor determines that “back disorders are one of the leading causes of disability for people in their working years and afflict over 600,000 employees each year with a cost of about $50 billion annually in 1991 according to NIOSH” ( 

…an Attorney Can Help

A back injury attorney from our reputable, highly esteemed and experienced law group can represent you legally against an employer that is not working with you, won’t provide you with the financial compensation for your back injury that you are entitled to, or is discriminating against you because of your back injury.  Call our toll free number for more information about how a back injury attorney can get you back the money you lost due to your injury.

Have You Suffered a Back Injury While at Work?

Hundreds of people suffer severe back injuries every year while on the job.  Back injury is the second most common reason why people have to stay home from work, and the workplace is also the most typical place where a back injury is sustained, creating somewhat of a paradox.  If you have suffered a back injury while working, consider what the U.S. Department of Labor has to say about back injuries, and then determine whether or not you would like to get a back injury attorney on your side.

The U.S. Department of Labor: “General” Vs. “Incidence”

The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) bureau sets out clear guidelines for everything pertaining to back injury in the workplace; from how to prevent it and what constitutes it, to legal rules an employer must follow to protect his or her employee’s health and safety, to what could possibly happen to the employer legally and financially if a back injury incident does occur at their place of business.

One of the sections discussed on the U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA official website has to do with the two kinds of back injury that qualify for an investigation into the employer’s safety maintenance: “general” and “incidence.”  As you can imagine, “incidence” as to do with incidents of back injury, as when a traumatic event such as slipping and falling or lifting an object that is too heavy occurs.  “General” on the other hand refers to a gradually developed back injury, in which the employee’s back wears down with the years of manual, back-straining labor he or she has consistently performed.

Hire a Back Injury Lawyer to Represent You

If you have suffered a back injury, either of a general or incidental nature, then hire one of our experienced and talented back injury lawyers to legally represent you against your negligent or uncooperative employer.  Call our toll free number for a free legal advising session and to learn more about your federally defined and protected rights as an injured employee.